Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life is a BEACH!

We began our September celebrating with Stuart and Maggie at their wedding!!

Lily and Joshua chillin at the wedding rehearsal. Sharing so well

Again sharing very well. Lily's got Josh's toy and Josh has Lily's toy

We then packed up the next day and headed to Myrtle beach for the week!
We've arrived!

Knox didn't much care for the water lol

Family shot!
Jumping shot! I had to add this because us Ritter's take TERRIBLE jumping pictures(for example - Josh and Luke) Lol
Family shot!

Lily's getting her bottom two teeth in and they are just barely breaking through her gums now! She's taking it like a champ and eating anything and everything now she can. She LOVES crackers the most now and is working on crawling (not too hard but getting there!) She'll be SEVEN months this Saturday! Crazy how time flies! She now says dadadadada and bababababa which mean nothing but is a mile-stone (according to What To Expect In The First Year.)

Until next time!

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