Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coos and Smiles

Just as we had been told Lily is a growing weed! She's 8 weeks tomorrow and smiling and coo-ing like crazy! Here are a few pics and a video for all you out there! :)

Not sure about the swing...
 Getting comfortable...

...and gone

LOVES her bath time :)

Being silly :)

Again, silly - she takes after her Aunt Donna when it comes to pictures :-P

Here's a video of her smiles! :)

More to come!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Kisses on the Lips"

Okay this is the post where you all are going to roll your eyes at me because I took a million pictures of Lily doing virtually the same thing - in my defense she doesn't do too much. Except you grandparents and a select few of my friends - although the friends might still roll their eyes. Well roll away because here they come! :-)

Lily loves playing with daddy's beard


She's got daddy totally wrapped around her finger

I think she is just as obsessed with beards as her daddy.

Getting loved on :)
They couldn't get enough of her :-)

Very rarely does Donna take a normal picture. Her and Josh Owen

She thinks I'm crazy - that's okay - I probably am

Saying goodbye to Wendy at the airport

Little smiles :)

Newt wanted in on the loving


Lil and I had a little talk

Mhmm - no normalcy with this woman

Daddies little girl :)

Easter dress!! :)

To end- I thought Lily would like to play with her stuffed animals because generally she likes to lay down and look around. But she got a little upset with me...I suppose I'll try again when she's older :)

Hope you all enjoyed them and aren't rolling your eyes too much at me :)