Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 15 - Our Kit Kat

Hey All, so sorry I missed the update on week 14, it's been a little hectic lately.  First of all, heard little baby's heartbeat today at 155 bpm and it was a strong heartbeat :-). We are officially in the second trimester (or as Luke likes to call it the second semester). Here's what is going on with the little munchkin this week at 15 weeks.

"Baby's head is now resting on his well-formed neck instead of directly on his shoulders like Igor. He's beginning to grow eyebrows and eyelashes this week. (All the better to give you that "Mom, you're crazy" look when he's a teenager.) The hair on the head also begins to grow and, with some creative styling, you'll be able to turn those locks into a Maddox Jolie-Pitt faux-hawk some day. <---with Donna's help of course!

Although baby's eyes are sealed shut, he's now able to sense light. His eyes and ears finally look like real baby features now. As your baby practices sucking and swallowing actions, he may actually hiccup. You'll know he's had one too many shots of amniotic fluid by the steady thump-thump you feel.

Over the next month, baby will grow faster than ever, so make sure you load up on enough nutritious food and fluids to support his growth. Your baby now measures nearly 4 inches, about the size of a Kit Kat "finger" (regular-size, not the Big one you get at the movies), and weighs almost 2 ounces."

I haven't gained much weight so the picture from last time is what I still look like. Although my appetite has increased definitely this week so I doubt I can stay this skinny much longer. Enjoying that my morning sickness has decreased this week and I'm able to function a little more now and eat more! Will update soon!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spring Shoot

Hey! Just got some pictures back from our awesome wedding photographer who is doing pictures with us for a year. This is from our spring session. Thought they were entertaining, we got to take Newt with us to take "family" pictures.

Notice Newt hiding in there. He refused to look at the camera unless we were petting him.

That's just a few of my favorites! I had so many more but there were a lot of them so I had to narrow them down. Hope you enjoyed them!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 13

Okay those out there that were waiting for this! I'm onto week thirteen and here's what is going on developmentally with the babester.

Our baby can make a fist and even suck his or her thumb this week—both skills that are ├╝ber-cute during infancy ... and not so much at the age of 9. If we're really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of baby's thumb sucking on an ultrasound photo. That's a framer! Other exciting developments include:

Our baby's eyelids are fused shut to protect his or her eyes as they develop. Baby's bones and skull are solidifying and soon itsy-bitsy ribs may appear. (Baby ribs! How cute is that?!) Baby's intestines are finally right where we want them—in his or her belly instead of poking out into the umbilical cord. Baby's tooth sockets are all loaded and ready to pop out baby teeth six or seven months after baby is born (causing baby a lot of pain and you a lot of lost sleep).

Who's that singing? Elton John? Could be your baby: His vocal cords and larynx are completed now.

Your baby-to-be now weighs about 20 grams and is nearly 3 inches long, or about the size of a Nutter Butter, covered in chocolate. OK, it doesn't have to be covered in chocolate, but isn't everything better that way? (From nicklodean website)

Also what is happening

Fingerprints have formed on your baby's tiny fingertips, his or her veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin, and his or her body is starting to catch up with his or her head — which makes up just a third of the baby's body size now. If we're having a girl, she now has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries (from

There is our wonderful update and here's a photo for those out there that want to see me fatter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Homemade Produce!

Okay so here's the exciting news for today! Ready for this?? Our garden finally has produced potatoes!! Yay!! So here's a photo of our wonderful first pick! So Donna, there's your picture you better be happy for now or I will shut this operation down.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Post... No Thanks To Me.

I just want to start things out and say that this blog was not my idea. But seeing as I moved 800 miles south, got married, and pregnant I thought I should listen to the insessant voice in my ear. So thank Donna, not me for starting this. ALL that to say here goes:

This week I am 12 weeks along and developmentally this is what is happening to our little baby. I get this from a Nickelodeon website so I take zero credit for this.

Baby's face is looking more human as his eyes have moved to the front of his head and his ears are in place. Hooray! Other amazing fetal highlights this week:

Our baby is able to swallow this week and practices on the amniotic fluid he or she floats in. (And you thought baby food was kind of nasty!) And in case you're wondering how our kid can breathe in all that fluid, here's your answer: Fetuses get oxygen from the blood pumped into their bodies by the placenta and don't breathe with their lungs. Mystery solved!
This is kind of gross, albeit fascinating, so feel free to skip ahead: Our baby's intestines are well under way, but they aren't all where you'd expect them to be. Instead of all being locked away in the body cavity, some are dangling on the outside, in the umbilical cord. Ewwww.
Our little nugget's finger- and toenails are forming this week. The chin and nose are also becoming more defined.
Junior has doubled in size over the past two weeks and now weighs almost ½ ounce. He (or she) is also now around 2 ½ inches long, about the length of your pinky finger or a Vienna sausage, which, in a few months, will be indistinguishable from one another.

I hope you enjoyed those little tidbits of facts on our little vienna sausage.  As for pictures of baby bump I shall post as soon as possible. If you need a visual imagine me after I've eaten my large Sunday afternoon meal. Pretty much the same thing ;). Until next time!