Monday, February 13, 2012

D-Day in T Minus Eleven Days!

So Luke and I helped at a Valentine's Dinner at our church this past Saturday - let me tell you it was difficult finding - One- an outfit from a past decade that fit me at nine months pregnant and Two- an outfit from the same decade that Luke had. So we went as two separate decades. I was 80's and Luke was 50's. :) We had fun with it.

38 weeks!

Luke's hairstyle #1 - didn't work out

Luke's hairstyle #2 - he went with that one :) my 1950's man ;)

On a separate note: Lily's room is (basically) finished!! I'm just waiting on a rocking chair which my awesome sister is getting decked out then sending down so we temporarily have a couch in her room :). Thanks Chief!

I learned how to make curtains thanks to Mary and got them put up with the valences my grandma bought us :). Resolution #1 -learn to make curtains can now be checked off of my list! Also, note the awesome letters from Donna and the gorgeous cross stitch from Luke's Oma

Lily's closet is filled with dresses, dolls and blankets and her dresser there is full. Also her stroller is ready to go! We are incredibly blessed :-). Newt is not so sure he's preparing himself for WWIII I think. He's a bit of a mess


Like I said he's preparing himself and that included a bath today - not so happy with that one

Until next time - God bless!!