Friday, July 27, 2012

Beans, Beans and Beans

SOO today was a canning day! Why is it called canning? I did not put the beans in any cans...Jars. I was jarring all day today! After a very rough beginning of running to a storage unit (which is not far but  with a baby it makes for a task) then having to run to the grocery store (again, another task). 

I had a milk box full of beans given to me from a couple sweet ladies I Donna would say about blessings like this they are, "Kisses on the lips!" 

I ended up using every stove eye on my stove, one for the canner, one for the jars, one for the lids, and one to boil water. Goodness I probably ran up our electric bill doing all this
Snapping and de-stringing the beans:)

Left over snappings of the beans

All the jars ready to go!
Pop, pop, pop all the bean lids popped in :)


I thoroughly exhausted myself doing this and I'm glad I learned a little bit today but now I'm ready for a nap! My next project is either applesauce or peaches. Possibly deer meat, depending on when I get time and if Lukey Lein shoots us a deer :). Until next time.