Friday, December 9, 2011

Twenty nine weeks down only ELEVEN to go! Crazy how fast this has been going! Although Luke thinks it's never going to get here he's so anxious and excited to meet Lily :). It's been awhile since I've posted a picture up - here's me at 29 weeks and Newt wanted to be included in this moment.

Since the last time I've posted my mom, sister and nephew Jacob came and visited us for Thanksgiving! It was a lot of fun and us ladies were able to get away with the Ritters and go shooting!

Donna and the pink lady

Donna with my gun

Chief showing mom the ropes ;)
Mom's liking this a little too much.... ;)
Mom looks quite peaceful here lol

Me showing Lily the ropes

Making sure Donna doesn't accidentally shoot someone

Don't mess with him

The gun is heavy

Luke was making me mad, by the time I had the clay in my site he already shot it to bits

Finally I got some shooting time to myself

The crazy kiddos. Yeah, it was hard to even get them in the frame all at once let alone smiling or posed. We tried. They were playing cops and robbers

Scary skeleton with a gun!

Anyway, that's what's new! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Twenty Eight Weeks

As I finish up my second, as Luke says it - semester- but properly called -trimester, here is what is happening with our little Lily Shannon.

She's kicking and moving almost consistently every day and I'm sure at night too but I'm unconcious to the world and her for now. I've still got a few more weeks where it's not child abuse to ignore her when I'm sleeping.

Her eyes are now partially open and can blink!! She also has color in her eyes ...we'll need to work on getting an ultrasound in color so we can see if she has daddy's green eyes or mama's blue eyes.

She's also approximately 15 inches long and 2 to 3 pounds now! I promise I will post a belly picture soon! It's been awhile!

Life is busy being the holidays but we are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Saviour up north with family in a couple weeks!