Friday, November 18, 2011

26 weeks!

I've been gone so I've skipped a few weeks! But baby is still growing and here is what is currently happening with Lily...
Deep breath! Air sacks are developing in baby's lungs, which means it just might be possible for baby to take a breath at the end of this week. The air sacks (technically called alveoli) will continue to grow for the next nine years. The membrane that keeps the alveoli separate from the blood vessels is now thin enough to allow for that oxygen–carbon dioxide exchange we call breathing. Other highlights this week:

The retina completes the development of its normal layers this week—all the better to see you with. Well not you, per se, because her eyes are still sealed shut and it's really dark in there, but your baby's eyes are now fully developed.

Brainwaves for the auditory and visual systems are detectable in baby's noggin this week. That means baby's brain is registering things like sound and light. She can't understand what any of it means yet, but she's on track to comprehend an entire episode of Blue's Clues in no time!

As hearing continues to develop, your baby will start to recognize your voice. One hint that your karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is not the best would be when the baby starts banging on your gut. Our bambino will also start to recognize Luke's voice. He may feel silly talking to your stomach, but assure him that somebody other than you is definitely listening. Research has shown that newborns actually recognize familiar sounds after birth. Proof that your baby has been paying attention all along.

Break out the sparkling apple juice—baby has now completed two-thirds of her stay in Hotel Womb. Lily is about 1 2/3 pounds and is 14 inches long head-to-heel, or about the length of a burp cloth (otherwise known as my primary wardrobe accessory for the next several months). (From

Back to me...

Lily is growing big and fast and last week we had our first baby shower!! It was a wonderful time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Here are a few of the items we were able to test out on Newter bug...Poor guy. (**Note: when I say we I mean mostly Luke)

Luke has tested out the nursing pillow on Newt. He was quite scared of it initially but relaxes once he's on the pillow.

Luke was demonstrating the Moby Wrap as seen in magazines

He's just cute as a button :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We've Moved!!

It's been awhile and it's legit. We've moved and it took a war to finally convince the internet company to transfer the internet over to our new place. No worries, although it was epic, I believe we came out on top. 

Since I've been gone here's what has happened in life...

We went to Klingman's Dome and Cade's Cove

Gracie's loving Uncle Luke 

Jackie was making Scott a hat just like the kid's. Scott felt like it looked like a dunce cap...fitting ;)


Newt's going to miss this fire place. One last chill by the warm flames.

Our house is a mess but it's all in boxes for the most part!!

Moving day! One last cup of coffee in the house (for Luke that is)

The new place - Living room

Dining area

Kitchen with the retro TN orange countertops


Master bedroom

Guest Bedroom/Office
(I won the arguement with Luke FYI. For those of you who didn't hear, Luke thought the baby's room and the computer room should be the same room...I disagreed)

Lily's room :)


AAANND DONE for the day, we finished with a Reese's McFlurry from McDonalds.

You would've thought he spent the day unpacking and moving. Goodness

Yeah he's still cute...

That's all for now I'll post pregnancy things later! Have a blessed day!