Monday, January 30, 2012


It has been awhile! Things are going well here and keeping busy preparing for parenthood! Lily is doing great, continuing to move a lot each day and gets hiccups 2-3 times everyday without fail. At this end of this week I'll be 37 weeks and considered full term!! Crazy how fast that flew by! (Although Luke would disagree with that). 

Luke will be a quarter of a century tomorrow and we celebrate with steaks and asparagus ;-) then Luke gets to go back to school after dinner. School is going well for Luke he's loving it(minus the essays) and doing really well! Trying to get ahead before the baby comes so he can have some down time when she's here. Other than that here's some picture updates:

Me at 35 weeks

Luke and I got a new baby item to test out :). Some wonderful people blessed us with a hiking thing for Lily and Newt fit perfectly in it!

Now to little Wyatt Stephen Russ. He was born this past Saturday January 28th. 4 lbs and 3 oz and 16 inches long. He's absolutely precious and I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Derek and Ashlea. He does have a chormosomal abnormality and there are a lot of unknowns but him being here and alive is a miracle and answered prayer from the Lord. He has two amazing parents who love and trust in the Lord. Please keep them lifted in prayer as they grow as parents. As you can see he's absolutely perfect and beautiful :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

We're back!

Luke (Newt) and I finally have recovered from our trip to Michigan and Chicago. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves up there and are already looking forward to our next trip with a baby! First of all the drive up there was great. Long, but Newt (our dog for those who don't know him), did really well. He slept anytime the truck was in motion.

Newt also made instant friends with my mom's dog Winston Brigglesworth. Our 4 year old major cute and large pug :) Tug of war was the main game played and Newt learned quickly how to dominate the mass of a dog. Winston put up a good fight but once the asthma kicked in he had little chance. Newt can go for hours without tiring.

While we were in Michigan Luke got to go out hunting with Derek and try to shoot him some deer. They didn't get anything unfortunately but they enjoyed themselves while I got to spend some quality time with Ashlea, Derek's wife.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing friends and visiting with people while we were up there. I wish we could've stayed longer to spend more time with them but we are incredibly thankful for the time we got with them!

Wednesday night was the last night we were there and we met up in Rockford, MI for some fine dining with some fine friends of ours! Not only was the food amazing but the company was even better! We all got dressed up for the evening.

We then left Thursday and headed for Chicago until Tuesday! It was great time to get to know Luke's distant family a little better. We got to tour downtown Chicago and eat at Ed Debevics. Which was a fun day...lets not forget about getting our Starbucks :)

Me & Lily      Shelley & Knox

As soon as Luke and I got back we went to go and visit our newest nephew Joshua Owen. Born December 28th at 7 lbs and 19 in long! He was precious! Luke was a natural:)

Okay that's all I have for now! Although here's one last picture of my two favorite boys who I thoroughly enjoyed spending bukos of time with these past few weeks!